We love our place, our Chania, we are inspired by its colors and aromas, but at the same time we feel a sense of responsibility, to preserve it, to protect it and to bequeath it to the next generations. That is why we have adopted a series of ecological and environmentally friendly policies that we apply to our accommodation.

We firmly believe that together we can contribute to the protection of the environment and lay the foundations for a better and sustainable future. We want both our staff and our guests to stand with respect for nature and to embrace a healthier lifestyle in their daily lives and holidays.

We think green and healthy
The Antel Suites & Apartments team:

We have invested in energy savings

  • Installing energy frames and glass in all rooms
  • Using led lamps in all our facilities
  • Installing solar panels for each apartment
  • Applying thermal facade to the outside of the building
  • Installing air-to-air heat exchangers (VAM) in all the rooms of our apartments for their ventilation (ventilation systems with heat recovery)
  • Equipping our apartments with electrical energy saving devices
  • Using magnetic key cards
  • Installing double flow cisterns in all apartments
  • Adopting a special policy for washing linen

We use Eco friendly products:

  • Ecological and environmentally friendly cleaners
  • The toilet paper has not been bleached
  • Plastic bags are made from recycled materials
  • We avoid the use of plastic products
  • Hygiene products are environmentally friendly

Saving Resources:

  • We avoid unnecessary printing
  • We use recycled paper where necessary
  • We decided not to print business cards for our staff and our hotel, but to create a QR Code with all the useful information
  • We have placed recycling bins in the apartments
  • All rooms and apartments are non-smoking
  • Soon we will be able to offer bicycles for our guests to use

We would be very happy if OUR VISITORS:

  • They turn off the lights and the air-condition in rooms that they do not use
  • They do not waste water unnecessarily
  • They recycle
  • They choose to travel – where possible – on foot, by bicycle or by public transport
  • They choose for their diet healthy products of the Cretan land